Emergent and Progressive Play in Music Education: Ideas into Practice

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Piano Lessons with Rebecca

Some time ago, I completed an online course known as Understanding Video Games. I was acquainted with a French sociologist’s definition of ‘play’ and ‘game.’ This particular sociologist is known as Roger Caillois and he talked about two sorts of behaviour states: paidia (playing) and ludus (gaming). ‘Play’ refers to activity that is unstructured, improvisatory and free. Conversely, ‘game’ refers to activity that is goal-orientated, structured and containing rules. Kicking a soccer ball around is an example of play, whilst playing a game of soccer with an umpire, teams, win-states and goals is an example of game. Caillious situates these two terms on a continuum and argues that all human activity exists somewhere on this continuum.

In the realm of video games, this continuum exists. On the one end of the continuum there is are ‘emergent games,’ sandbox games like Minecraft and The Sims are an example…

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